Wild Arms Twilight Venom | Episode 1

Episode Name: Wild Arms Twilight Venom

Snap: Loretta Oratorio and Mirabelle Graceland are two thieves looking to steal an object of great power: The ARMS. They break into Alcatraz, the floating prison in the sky, and soon meet Dr. Kiel Aronnax, who escapes from imprisonment. The three try to escape, while trying to find the treasure, but instead stumble upon a mysterious ten-year-old boy named Sheyenne Rainstorm!.
Aired: 1999, Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Sci-Fi, Vampire.
Status: Completed, Total Episodes: 22
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Summary: This anime is based on a playstation game under the identical title. The account is about four people who travel the desolated landmarkcenter of Filgaea yet carve themselves a legendary chronicle epoch they're at it. These adventurers are Sheyenne Rainstorm, a gunslinger who holds the legendary instrument called ARMs; Kiel Aromax, a scientist who looks correspondent he should be carrying a sword; Roleta Oratorio the Crest Sorceress, a magic-user who uses cards called Crests to hand spells; just Mirabelle Graceland, one of the moving Red, which are a birth of vampiric creatures who decease alongside sympathetic beings They yet pilgrimage with cute fine sage furry things, from the Popepi Pipepo Tribe, named Isaac still Jerusha.