Long Dao Qi Yuan | Episode 1

Episode Name: Long Dao Qi Yuan

Snap: N/A.
Aired: 2005, Genre: Action, Fantasy.
Status: Completed, Total Episodes: 1
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Summary: Special troops operative Wang Sheng was transported into the world of Yuanhun (Origin Spirits). There, he was possessed through a profitable spirit: a carp, graceful an infamous trash in the world of outcome Spirits! In this world untenanted by means of experts, Wang Sheng uses the judiciousness he acquires to subject both difficulties, rough finding a road to evolve his null consciousness carp! From a sparrow to a Phoenix, from a carp to a Dragon! In this sinister and flagitious world unemployed of disputes, he will frame his own avenue towards success! Legends says a carp who leaps over the the Dragon’s gate will get a dragon itself. sloth provided courage, level an minute carp can defy its defend chance yet make out a legend.