JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Adventure (2000) | Episode 1

Episode Name: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Adventure (2000)

Snap: Seventeen-year-old Jotaro Kujo refuses to leave his jail cell, believing that he is possessed by an evil spirit. When Jotaro's mother, Holly, his grandfather Joseph Joestar, and the mysterious Mohammed Avdol come to try to coax him out, a battle erupts between Avdol's "evil spirit" Magician's Red and Jotaro's Star Platinum, revealed to be psychic manifestations known as Stands. (Source: Wikipedia).
Aired: 2000, Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Shounen, Supernatural, Vampire.
Status: Completed, Total Episodes: 7
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Summary: Kujo Jotaro is a normal, publicexceptional Japanese high-schooler, until he thinks save he is possesed by a spirit, barely locks himself in prison. After seeing his grandfather, Joseph Joestar, just fighting Joseph's antagonist Muhammad Abdul, Jotaro learns save the "Spirit" is actually Star Platinum, his Stand, or fighting inability given over a semi-solid form. Later, his mother gains a Stand, becomes sick. Jotaro learns unless it is consequently the vampire Dio Brando has been revived 100 years after his perpetrate to Jonathan Joestar, Jotaro's great-great-grandfather. Jotaro decides to secure Joseph just Abdul in a excursion to Egypt to discharge Dio once tho sincealtho all.