Castlevania Season 2 (Dub) | Episode 1

Episode Name: Castlevania Season 2 (Dub)

Snap: Alucard intends to make Dracula's now-deserted castle his grave, but Trevor gifts him the Belmont library along with encouragement to protect both their ancestral homes while using their collective knowledge to help people. Meanwhile, Isaac murders a group of raiders and turns them into the first of his personal army. In Brăila, Carmilla decides to return to Styria, enslaving Hector for his skills to quickly rebuild her forces and take advantage of the power vacuum left by Dracula's demise. Sypha convinces Trevor to stay with her and join her on new adventures battling monsters, and they bid farewell to Alucard and set off to find the Speakers. Left alone in the castle, Alucard reflects on the loss of his family and is overcome by grief. (Source: Wikipedia).
Aired: 2018, Genre: Action, Mystery, Vampire.
Status: Completed, Total Episodes: 8
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Summary: duration 2 of Castlevania.