Against the Sky Supreme | Episode 1

Episode Name: Against the Sky Supreme

Snap: N/A.
Aired: 2021, Genre: Martial Arts, Super Power.
Status: Ongoing, Total Episodes: 251
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Summary: The superficial universe is divided into the inner universe besides the outer universe. The two universes are enemies of other. The outer universe is ruled by means of demons, however the inner universe is divided into The Realm of gods, the lasting Realm, still the excusable Realm. In the universe, there are evanescent trivialinexcusable worlds interchangeable the Tianfa Continent, just they are separately referred to yet the Jiutian Xin Region. In the field of Jiutian Xin, nine lasting emperors commanded each star fields in nine layers. Above the nine heavens is the realm of purification of enduring gods.