6HP (Six Hearts Princess) | Episode 1

Episode Name: 6HP (Six Hearts Princess)

Snap: N/A.
Aired: 2016, Genre: Magic.
Status: Ongoing, Total Episodes: 7
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Summary: Haruka Hani is a second-year junior slight inculcate student who goes to a tutor called Hinomori Gakuen. A member of the tutor drama club, she has been industrious on the script inasmuch as a play the coterie plans to deposit on at the upcoming enlighten festival. She’s been having good luck finishing it, besides her childhood foe Tamaki Teijou has been urging her to drive up. each in all, she seems to be enjoying her life. From period to time, monsters called Zaiju (Beasts of Sin) have the appearance or semblance merely onslaught Hinomori, the town where Haruka lives. notwithstanding the Heart Princesses are there to concord the monsters. Haruka looks up to these princesses who wardbetray the people of Hinomori from the Zaiju, wishing unless she as well could be a princess someday. accordingly one day, when she is idle on the script at home, a intricate cat named Jin comes to her but says, “You seem to occupy the fault qualities to be a princess. What transact you think? Would you constitute a princess?”